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flag saying start nowWe have been in the cleaning business since 1988. Over the years we have helped hundreds of people start and grow a cleaning business.  It’s our top priority to help YOU become successful.


There are some great websites that will tell you how to start a cleaning business. We are one of the few that will take the plunge with you!  Whether you’re new to the cleaning business, starting from scratch or a seasoned professional, we have a program for you.


Already in the commercial cleaning business?  Consider trying our telemarketing program to locate commercial cleaning contracts for your cleaning service. What about your website?  Is it fully optimized and mobile friendly?  We can help!  Our web design service can build you a fast, mobile friendly website for your existing cleaning service.


Just getting started or ready to take the plunge?  Check out our 90 day fast start program. We will take you from the ground up, making sure your cleaning business has a solid foundation. This program has everything you need to be fully operational with your first client, within 90 days!


Before you buy a cleaning franchise, check out our Senior Operator program.  If you’re in one of our existing operating areas you may qualify for our contracting program.


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Image of Scott GibbensMy Name is Scott Gibbens.  I grew up in the Syracuse, NY area. When I started my cleaning service in 1988 I was just a kid out of high school. You can read the rest of my story here, today I am so thankful for the journey I’ve been on.  I admit, the cleaning business can be tough, but we have learned from our mistakes and developed some amazing systems along the way.  By joining with us you can learn from our years of experience.
If you’ve been searching online for how to start a cleaning business, you’ve probably seen some great information.  Information is fine, but unless you know how to apply it, and have someone coaching you, it’s not worth much.  We have more than information on starting a cleaning service! We will take the plunge with you, every step of the way.


Check out the free information on getting started. Additional information is available in our workbook.



Available in our Workbook

  • Estimating
  • Pricing
  • Preparing a Proposal
  • Closing the Sale
  • Starting an Account
  • Hiring Employees
  • Keeping the Books
  • Quality Control
  • Continued Growth


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Why Start a Cleaning Business?
You’ve decided to start a cleaning service, or maybe you’re already in. Do you mind if I ask you why?  Do you know the primary reasons you want to start and grow a cleaning service?  Most people will say more




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When you start a cleaning business, you must have clear goals. It’s estimated that less than 3% of the population in our country have written goals. We are not taught how to set and achieve goals in school, most parents don’t have them so they don’t teach them to their children either. The best book I have ever read about goals is simply titled Goals by Brian Tracy.  In this section I will share some basic strategies for goal setting and you will set some goals.
Most people are afraid to set goals, the main concern is what if they don’t happen?  Well, what if they do?  It’s ok to set a goal and not achieve it.  It’s been said that there are no unrealistic goals, just unrealistic time frames.  Goals must be written down and reviewed on a regular basis.  The most …read more


Business Name
Choosing a name when you start a business is very important. If you’re feeling stuck on choosing a name don’t worry.  It happens to most small business owners and you will get through it.  Let’s break it down in some simple steps. You know what you want to do, right?  Well, what you do …read more





The Entrepreneur's Phone System

Definitions For Registering Your Business
DBA: Doing Business As also known as sole proprietor.  This is the easiest way to start a business and how most people start.
Incorporate: To form a legal organization, more involved that forming a DBA but seperates you from the business.  Instead of you and the business being one in the same, you become an officer or employee of the corporation.
EIN: Employer Identification Number …read more


 Insurance Definitions and Information
Disability (employees) = you pay a premium to receive benefits if you get sick or injured off the job and cannot work to earn income. You receive temporary cash benefits for a specific period of time. There is short term and long term disability insurance which refers to the length of time you can receive benefits.
Disability (business owners) = you pay a premium to receive benefits if you get sick or injured and cannot work, operate your business, or pay business expenses including payroll. This insurance typically pays a percentage of your net profits. If you are injured while you own a business you lose much more than a paycheck.
Dishonesty Bond (aka fidelity bond) = you pay a premium to protect your client …read more.
This next section will be one of the most enjoyable or painful parts of your business.  It really depends on your personality.  If you’re a creative person then coming up with letterhead, business cards and a logo will be fun.  If you’re not a creative person I would suggest that you find a friend, associate or independent designer to help you.  I consider myself a creative person but I still hired a professional to design my logo.  Your logo is very important and you will want to use …read more



When you start a cleaning business, it’s important to network with others. Networking and marketing are often used together in the same sentence as if they had the same meaning.  They don’t. Networking is primarily done through relationships, marketing is done through advertising and other means.  Networking needs to be a strong part of any business, especially a new business.  Think of it as planting seeds, every person you meet could become a client or lead you to a client.
There are networking events held in most communities.  The most common place to start is your local chamber of commerce. Some networking groups require …read more
Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. There are many different ways to market your business. Some of the most traditional ways are direct mail, newspaper and television ads, billboards, word of mouth, and telemarketing. The latest type is internet marketing which includes social media.
The reason people choose to advertise their business is because they desire growth. They want to make more money!!! Do you want to make more money? If you want to grow your business and your income you have to market that business. What form of marketing is right for you? The most productive and cost effective way to grow your cleaning business is telemarketing.  Telemarketing is marketing …read more

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