Everything you need to start and grow a commercial cleaning business!

We understand the questions that you have about starting a cleaning business. This program will answer all of them and more!

  • How to register your cleaning business
  • What type of business entity to form 
  • What kind of insurance and where to purchase
  • What kind of supplies & equipment you will need
  • How to find clients


Includes 20 Business Training Videos

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Program includes a complete cleaning course. Learn how to clean any commercial facility.


  • Auto Showrooms
  • Break Areas/Kitchenette
  • Cafeterias
  • Carpeted Areas
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Cleanrooms
  • Common Surfaces
  • Conference Rooms
  • Day Porter Service
  • Desks, Phones & Equipment

  • Emergency Cleaning
  • Entrance Areas
  • Floor Strip/Finish
  • Hard Floor Areas
  • High/Low Dusting
  • Locker Rooms
  • Medical Facilities
  • Outside Areas
  • Recycling
  • Restroom Cleaning

  • Security
  • Static Control Flooring
  • Storage / Janitorial Closets
  • Stairwells
  • Trash Removal
  • Warehouse Areas
  • Washing Walls
  • Windows

Full Access To Our Downloadable Sample Forms & Agreements

Starter Package


  • 90 Day Fast Start Workbook (Value $49)
  • Sample Forms & Contracts (Value $99)
  • 20 Business Training Videos (Value $299)
  • Cleaning Course (Value $149)
  • Total Value $596

        Your Cost $79.00    Buy Now

Advanced Package
     Everything From Basic

  • Weekly Telephone Coaching For 90 Days (Value $799)
  • Email Support For One Year ($349)
  • Web Marketing Ebook ($49)
  • Total Value $1,793

Your Cost $399.00  Buy Now

Partner Program
Everything from Basic & Advanced

  • Customized Website For Your Business (Value $2,500)
  • Search Engine Marketing (Value $199)
  • Social Media Setup (Value $349)
  • Prospecting Database (Value $379)
  • Total Value $5,220

Your Cost $995.00  Learn More

*Ongoing fees apply



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14 Responses to “90 Day Fast Start Program – Start Your Cleaning Business Now!

  • Very interesting concept. Is there a free trial or anything like that? Also do you have any recommendations for growing the business?

    • Scott Gibbens
      1 year ago

      There is a free mini course on our homepage to give a sample of the program. The biggest recommendation that I would have is for people to learn how to prospect sell their services.

  • Very interesting post, if I were to be motivated to start a cleaning business this would be something I might consider. I like the fact that there are weekly coaching sessions to keep people motivated and on track. Not many start ups get this. Have you considered taking paypal as payments also?

    • Scott Gibbens
      1 year ago

      Hi Helen, thanks for the comment and the reminder about PayPal. I have been wanting to offer that.

  • Hi,
    Great idea for a site. It is hard going into business on your own and not just the first time either.
    So looks like a pretty useful resource to get someone started in a cleaning business. I am sure there is plenty of opportunity around to grow such businesses also, I know when we had a pre-school it was quite hard finding cleaners in our town.

  • Great blog post, I really like the concept, there are many ambitious people who would like to start their own business but they don’t know how to go about doing it. I really like the fact that the person will get their own website and you offer weekly coaching sessions. If I had an interest in the cleaning industry I definitely would have taken this opportunity, keep up the good work.

  • Anthony Little
    1 year ago

    Many years ago in my Jani king experience, I wanted to start my own cleaning business. But I didn’t know how to get everything started. It died away over time. I only wish that it was something like your 90 day fast start program-Starting a cleaning business back then. This sounds like a great opportunity for individuals looking to get into this field. Great article and best wishes.

    • Scott Gibbens
      1 year ago

      Hi Anthony – I have heard other stories like this, one reason I am passionate about being the franchise alternative. Thanks for the comment.

  • Brian Kostic
    1 year ago

    Would I be able to still keep my job during the 90 Day Fast Start program?

    • Scott Gibbens
      1 year ago

      Hi Brian- I would need to learn more about your situation. Most likely yes but you would need some time during the day for B2B prospecting. Please call me 315 396 0682 x 3

  • This is very interesting. A cleaning business sounds like it would be a business that would have high demand. Out of these cleaning services and the topics you listed, which one do you think would need to most attention? If I were to start my own cleaning business, what topic or service should I invest most of my attention and time into? Thanks.

    • Scott Gibbens
      3 months ago

      Hi Rob – The thing that really requires the most attention is your prospecting for new clients. A solid plan to go after your market is the key. Knowing who you want to clean for, where they are located and how you are going to reach them.

  • Hello I am very interested in your program your offering. New business here ready to take the next step. Im already licensed.

    • Scott Gibbens
      2 months ago

      Codie – I will call you next week to see how I can help you with your cleaning business.