We are often asked about commercial carpet cleaning, here’s a quick summary of what we have learned.

Carpet cleaning may be required when you take over a commercial cleaning contract. In the early stages of your business, we recommend contracting this service to a carpet cleaning specialist. They should have a good truck mounted unit or a portable extractor.

As your business grows, you may want to offer carpet cleaning yourself and will need to invest in equipment.

Things To Consider:

  • Carpet cleaning is a specialty service that requires extensive training
  • Most rental units from big box stores are not suitable for commercial environments
  • Lack of experience and training can cause expensive damage to a carpet
  • The investment for carpet cleaning equipment is significant

Carpet Cleaning Methods:

Deep Clean/Extract: The most popular method is deep clean/extract using hot water injection and high power vacuum. This is commonly called steam cleaning although actual steam is not used.

When done properly, the carpet will be dry within 6-8 hours, the use of air movers may be needed to increase dry time. It’s important to schedule carpet cleaning at a time when people will not be walking on it. Walking on wet carpet can cause it to re-soil and presents a slip/fall hazard leaving people with wet shoes.

Most professional carpet cleaning services use a truck mounted unit. Of course, there will be situations where hoses from a truck mount will not reach the area to be cleaned. In this case, a portable extractor would be used. A truck mounted unit starts around $20,000 and goes up from there.

We do not recommend purchasing this type of equipment if you’re focusing on janitorial cleaning. It’s more economical to subcontract the specialty services out to a professional.

Spray/Spin Bonnet: Another common method is called spray bonnet, it works similar to spray buffing a floor. With this method, the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed then treated with a light mist of cleaning solution. After the solution sits for a few minutes a floor buffing machine with a round bonnet is used on the areas to be cleaned. The spray bonnet method is practical for light-duty maintenance and should not be used more than a few times a year without a deep clean/extraction.

Encapsulation: We have never used or seen the encapsulation method in action. If you would like more information on this method you can visit Jondon.com here.

Spot Cleaning: Some contracts will require you to provide spot cleaning as needed. A small portable spot cleaning machine like this is available from Global Industries for $149.00. You should also have a small spot cleaning kit with coffee remover, towels, etc.

When you are first starting your cleaning business, it’s a good idea to network with a few carpet cleaning professionals.