Choosing a Name For Your Cleaning Business



Choosing a name when you start a cleaning business is very important. If you’re feeling stuck on choosing a name don’t worry. It happens to most small business owners and you will get through it. Let’s break it down in some simple steps. You know what you want to do, right? Well, what you do should be stated in your name.

Since this is a cleaning program we will talk about cleaning biz names. Before you start I would recommend doing a search for cleaning services in your area. It will give you an idea of who your competition is. It will also give you a general feel of what other companies are doing.

Start out by writing down at least 5 names you would like to use. Plan on showing them to at least 10 people to get their opinion (preferably people you don’t know extremely well). Remember- the name you choose might already be taken.

Have a first, second and third choice. You should also check the domain name availability for each name. It’s very important that your website name is an exact match to your business name or at least close. We know the name should state what you do. What else is in a business name?

Do you want your family name associated with your cleaning business? For example Gibbens Commercial Cleaning. That’s usually a safe bet but doesn’t do much to separate you from the pack. It can also make it tough to sell your business in the future. What about your service area?

New York Commercial Cleaning has a nice ring to it, but chances are it’s taken. Even if it’s not, do you cover all of NY? You don’t want to sound like an enormous company if that’s not who you are.

I’ve seen plenty of business names in my life. In fact, I subscribe to a weekly list of new businesses in my area. Some of the names just make me cringe. I get the fact that some people want to be cutesy with a name, but I don’t recommend it.

Two moms and a mop is cute and might be great for residential cleaning but not for commercial cleaning. In my opinion for commercial cleaning you should have something that sounds professional, describes what you do, and flows nicely when you say it. This is especially important if you are going to have someone telemarketing to get cleaning accounts.

It’s true that you can always change your name down the line, but would you really want to go through the hassle? Think about all the things that come with a name change. New stationary, web page, directory updates, banking and so on. It’s best to get the right name the first time, even if it means a short delay to get feedback from other people.