image of for hire signIf you were to ask the owner of any small business what their biggest challenge is, they would probably say ‘finding good help’. Hiring employees for your cleaning business will be your biggest challenge as well.

This may surprise you but I am not that great at hiring people, I can admit it.  I try to let others do the hiring for me, my weakness is that I believe in people.  When someone says they will work and that they want the job, I believe them!

Then a few weeks later when the quality of their work is poor, they are not coachable or have an attitude I am left scratching my head. Their references were good, their background was clean.  It just was not a good fit.

You cannot completely eliminate hiring the cleaning professionals, it happens in ALL businesses and organizations.

8 Tips For Hiring Cleaning Employees


  1. Start with referrals from your existing staff if possible.
  2. After your first phone conversation, ask them to call you at a certain time the next day to schedule a meeting. See if they can keep a simple appointment.
  3. Go with your initial gut feeling when you meet a potential cleaner for the first time.
  4. Check and verify references. People actually do lie on resumes.
  5. Look at their job history. 4 jobs in the last year is not a good sign.
  6. Be sure to have a written employee handbook and a two-week trial period for new hires.
  7. Always have a new employee work with you or a trusted staff member for the first 2 weeks.
  8. Make sure you are following all state and federal hiring guidelines.

Hiring new people is a good thing for your cleaning business. It means that you are growing. Become an expert and treat the process as if your entire business depends on it. Because it does.