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Google is changing things..again, and if you have a website for your cleaning business you need to be prepared. So what is all the fuss about?

According to a recent post on Hubspot, Google is shifting to a mobile-first index. This means sites that are authoritative and mobile friendly will rank ahead of sites that are not.

Currently, there are more searches on mobile than searches on desktop. We are living in a mobile-first world. Unfortunately, many DIY websites are not mobile friendly.

You can test your current website here for a complete analysis.

It is estimated that each month in the United States there are over 15,000 searches for janitorial cleaning services. I think that we all know the age of turning to the phone book is long gone!

So what is the concern if your site is already mobile friendly? Many websites have content that is displayed in a limited format on mobile. I’m sure you have been on a site that has a button for ‘view full site’, with limited information displayed.

This is going to be a problem according to experts that are following this change.

Apparently, Google is saying that it wants all content that’s now on your desktop version to also be available on mobile. If not, then your site ranking could drop when people search for your keywords.

Wouldn’t people search for a cleaning service from their desk?

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Hard to say. We know that office managers are very busy and sometimes over extended. Maybe they have a few minutes to kill during a meeting or even at home.


They grab their smartphone and search for a new cleaning service. Will your company show up?


To make sure there are a few things that you can do.

Make sure that your site is mobile friendly.

If a potential client finds your site on mobile, but cannot navigate through, they will leave. Your website should adapt to whatever device your viewer is on. The last thing you want them to see is an image like this, informing them they cannot view your media.

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You don’t want your viewers to see this


Consider adjusting your content for mobile.

Content for mobile is generally shorter. It’s a balance between being authoritative on your subject without it being in long form.

If you have outdated media that required a flash player, get rid of it! It’s certainly OK to use videos and so on, but make sure that your prospect can easily view them.




Prioritize mobile first factors.

Which two factors are the most important? Well, site speed has always been important, but now it’s even more crucial. People have a short attention span, especially on the internet. If your page is not loading it’s possible that your viewer will lose patience and move on.

User experience is also critical. Your page needs to have a mobile friendly menu and be easy for people to navigate. You should also have a ‘contact now’ button that’s easy to find.

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These changes have not happened yet and there is much to be discussed. Regardless it’s a good idea to make sure your site is fast, mobile friendly and fully optimized.

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