Image of question markThe customer is always right, right? Well, that’s the old saying and if you’re in the cleaning business you will get complaints from time to time. But what about when the customer is wrong?

What if their expectations are unreasonable? The truth is that sometimes you will find a cleaning contract that you do not want to keep. Occasionally you may have to ‘fire’ a client. Before you go to that extreme you need to do some careful research.

The biggest challenge for many cleaning service owners is that they cannot be on each job site or depend on a supervisor to control the quality. When the customer has a complaint, I can assure you that the person doing the work will disagree.

I have never once heard an employee say “yeah I did a bad job cleaning, the client is correct.” It just does not happen. The only way to find out if the concern is legit is to go and look at it yourself, immediately, or have someone you trust to handle it.

In 99 out of 100 customer service visits, I have found that the client’s concern about the cleaning quality is legit. The other 1 time is often a result of poor workmanship or unreasonable expectations.

I may be exaggerating a bit but you get the idea. So how do we handle it? Well, we do our best to immediately correct whatever the problem is and learn why it happened in the first place. Sometimes it’s an honest mistake, other times the person doing the work is cutting corners.

We do apologize for the mistake if needed the client will receive a credit on their next invoice. There is no perfect service and usually, the clients are forgiving, if it’s the first time something went wrong.

I have found that their patience runs out after a few times, especially if it’s the same problem. The biggest complaints we hear in general relate to restroom cleanliness and dusting.

When a complaint arises, it’s a good idea to inspect that area after each visit until you’re sure it’s resolved. It may be necessary to retrain the person doing the work or to replace them if it’s ongoing.

Be sure to keep a log of concerns for each client you have and hope its stays short. Very Short.