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Auto showrooms and car dealerships, in general, are challenging to clean. The environment can be tricky for several reasons:

  • Dealerships keep long hours
  • Extra security measures needed
  • Vehicles drive on floor surfaces
  • High traffic

Some cleaning services that we consult with will not accept car dealerships as a client. How you handle this will be up to you. Most car dealerships are open 6-7 days a week and keep long hours. Dealerships do not close on time if they are working with a customer, negotiating or closing a deal. We have seen plenty of managers & sales staff leave 1-2 hours after close. 

If you arrive at close to clean, and they are working with a customer, they will not want you or your staff cleaning in the area they are working in. Hopefully, you can start in other areas or you will end up waiting, even leaving and returning later.

Car dealerships get very dirty, especially in the winter months if you live in an area with snow and cold weather. There is a lot of foot traffic and most of the employees are there all day, start to finish.

Cleaning a Showroom:

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Yep – That’s our founder back in 2012

The ideal way to maintain a showroom floor is with a small auto scrubber after dust mopping. We have even used a ride on scrubber in a massive auto complex we cleaned for several years. Of course, with any machinery in the showroom, there is a chance that you or your staff can bump and damage a brand new vehicle. 

Suggested Scope of Service:

  • Clean entrance doors
  • Check for cobwebs
  • Remove all trash, most cans will have coffee in them and liners will need to be replaced
  • Wipe flat surfaces, common areas as needed
  • Vacuum carpeted areas including walk-off mats
  • Sweep/dust mop floors (floors may be wet when you arrive from rain/snow that gets tracked in)
  • Wash floor with a clean mop head and mild floor cleaning solution
  • If using auto scrubber be sure to mop edges and under cars

For the rest of the dealership, it’s similar to other office facilities with the exception of the mechanic restrooms. They will be very dirty. Regarding security there are a few things to consider:

  • Customers often browse car lots after hours or weekends while the dealership is closed. If they see someone inside they may try to come in. Be sure the doors are locked and never open them for anyone.
  • Keys to vehicles are often kept in a cabinet that is not secured. You need to be extra cautious when hiring employees.
  • There are many entrances to a dealership. If the dealership staff leaves one open, you will probably be blamed for it.

I would suggest that you carefully consider whether or not to clean car dealerships. It’s a big commitment. If you need help with your cleaning business please contact us. We would love to help you get to the next level.