Happy New Year! I hope that 2019 is an amazing year for you. This is the time of year that many people make their new years resolutions. Unfortunately, most of them do not stick. For real and lasting changes we need to set clear and written goals.

It’s estimated that less than 3% of the population in our country have written goals. We are not taught how to set and achieve goals in school, most parents don’t have them so they don’t teach them to their children either.

Most people are afraid to set goals, the main concern is what if they don’t happen? Well, what if they do?

It’s ok to set a goal and not achieve it. It’s been said that there are no unrealistic goals, just unrealistic time frames Goals must be written down and reviewed on a regular basis.

The most successful people review their goals daily, some twice a day.  When you set a goal you activate your subconscious mind to achieve it. It begins to work 24/7 on ways for you to get what you want.

A goal should be SMART

  • Specific- Know what you want and why.
  • Measurable-Know what it takes to accomplish it, know when it arrives.
  • Achievable-Know that’s it something you can actually accomplish.
  • Relevant-Each goal should relate to your ultimate and final goal.
  • Time Bound-Know when it needs to happen by.
  • We must be specific when we set goals. I want to lose weight is not a goal, I will lose ten pounds by Christmas is.  It’s also recommended that you speak
  • your goal in the present tense as if it’s already happened  Instead of saying ‘I will go to the gym 3 times a week’, say ‘I go to the gym 3 times a week’. the wording is important.

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We must also know the ‘why’ just as in why you’re in the cleaning business.  Having a goal alone is not enough, our mind must link the reason for it to become fully activated.

You should have your own set of personal and business goals. How many clients do you want? How many people do you want to employ?  How much do you want to earn?  Take a few minutes today and write out ten goals for your cleaning business.