image of man climbing mountainWhen you are growing a cleaning business or any business for that matter, things can happen along the way that may cause you pain. It’s often a minor thing or a series of minor things that can add up to embarrassing blunders with your clients.

When we rolled out our 90 Day Fast Start Program over two years ago, we anticipated it would be a huge hit. Priced at $995.00 we figured it would be a bargain compared to a cleaning franchise. The problem back then was we did not have enough exposure or credibility in the industry.

A few people signed up, some did well and some did not finish. It was a learning process for sure. Since then, we have been modifying the program trying to find the perfect combination of growth and effectiveness.

The good news is that we’ve found it. The bad news is that we’ve found it! Not really, let me explain. When we recently decided to waive the $995.00 startup fee for our new partner program, our business began to explode. Handling an influx of new inquiries and signups have been challenging.

Trying to develop new systems for communication to effectively manage this has caused some extra work and headaches. All good of course, but a few minor blunders as well. I’m a perfectionist. When someone wants to do business with my company, I expect them to have a perfect experience from start to finish.

The reality is that there’s no perfect service, as I tell my coaching clients. It’s not the mistake that counts, it’s how you handle it. Remember the pizza story? Fortunately, we are now truly prepared for the growth that this is bringing our coaching & development service.

How will you handle it?

Chances are that your cleaning business is going to explode if you are doing the right things. Are you ready? You will find out soon enough. Here are a few tips for when that season arrives for you:

  • Be alert- look for unexpected problems before they start.
  • Admit and apologize for any mistakes – immediately.
  • Secure your foundation – make sure all your communication methods are organized.
  • Constantly evaluate your procedures.
  • Ask for client feedback and be open to change.
  • Watch your cash flow and record keeping – when things get busy it can get sloppy.
  • Delegate your weak areas whenever possible.

All businesses will go through the initial push to grow. For most business owners this is a new experience that will have to be learned along the way.

Your MBA or whatever degree you may have will not prepare you for the brutal world of small business ownership. Keep working and it will happen!