I just got back from doing a cleaning estimate for a company in Camillus, NY. One of our outgoing callers had them on our calling list and contacted them last week. When we make our prospecting calls, we never know who may be shopping for a new cleaning service, but if we call enough businesses we usually find one or two that want a proposal.

As I was doing my walkthrough and talking with the prospect, he asked me a question. He wondered if their company got on some kind of list for businesses that are actively looking to hire a cleaning service. He had been online looking and had already talked with a few companies.

I explained that we randomly called them and if we make enough calls in a day, we usually find someone who is ready for a new janitorial company. I’ve often said that the internet is the best way to find cleaning contracts, but old fashion prospecting still works! So are you doing it?

Telemarketing certainly is not glamorous, and it has a bit of a negative reputation sometimes. But when it’s done right it can be an effective way to grow your cleaning business. We have a simple approach. A cloud-based system that contains all the potential clients we want to contact.

Our part-time telemarketers work a four-hour shift and take a low key, no pressure approach. It’s more of a courtesy call to see if the company would like an estimate for their office cleaning. If the company is interested, we set them up with a date & time. If they are not interested, we try to at least get a contact name and then check back in a few months.

Smile n Dial! It’s worth it! I would suggest that when you are starting your cleaning business that you take 2-3 hours per day to make prospecting calls. It will pay off before you know it.