So you’re ready to start a commercial cleaning business…

Let me first say that I think it’s a great idea! I started my cleaning business in 1988, I was just a kid out of high school and ready to conquer the world!

Hindsight is always 20/20, it’s easy to look back and remember all of the mistakes that I made. Fortunately, I learned and now I help others avoid them.

There are many things to consider, I’ve put together a basic list to give you an idea of what to expect. 

  1. Write down why you want to be in the cleaning business. It’s important to know why before you start.
  2. Choose a name that sounds professional and describes what you do. I suggest avoiding the ‘cutesy’ names.
  3. Talk with an accountant or lawyer about the best type of business entity to form. A DBA is the easiest way to get started but you should consider an LLC or incorporate as well.
  4. Shop for prices on liability and workers comp insurance. You should have both and will also need unemployment & disability insurance when you hire people.
  5. Shop for basic cleaning supplies & equipment. For smaller buildings, you can get started for under $300.00
  6. You must have a website. Hire a professional or learn how to build your own using WordPress.
  7. Order business cards and stationery. VistaPrint is a great DIY option.
  8. Check with your local government to see if you are required to collect sales tax on your services.
  9. Define your market – who do you want to clean for and where are they located?
  10. Aquire a database with the list of businesses that you want to contact.
  11. Start a marketing campaign using direct mail, telemarketing, and door to door canvassing.
  12. Learn how to estimate commercial cleaning jobs.
  13. Marketing and getting your name out is the hardest part and will take the longest. Be patient and persistent.
  14. Don’t give up! Most people do not realize how long it takes to actually locate new accounts. You can also contact more established cleaning services to see if they will subcontract to you.

I’ve created a free course to help you located commercial cleaning contracts. You can check it out here.