Enjoy the benefits of a franchise without the high cost and forever royalties.

Own & control your client base without the handcuffs of a franchising agreement.

Contract Location Service included! Pay as you go based on the contracts we sign.


We become your strategic partner guiding you to success. Take our proven systems and apply them to your cleaning business.


Your online presence is critical. We will build and maintain the perfect website to promote you in your area. Make a great first impression.


Don’t worry about finding a prospecting database for marketing. We provide one for you that includes a professional CRM tool.

Common Questions

What is The Initial Cost?

The fee to join our Partner Program is $1,995.00 and $199/month thereafter. The monthly fee goes towards hosting and maintaining your website.

What kind of buildings do you typically find?
We specialize in small & medium sized facilities, usually under 50,000 square feet. We are experienced in larger facilities, but it’s not our focus.
Do the buildings sign a contract?
Yes. We do a minimum of a one-year contract with all clients. There is a 30-day out if they have cause.
What if we are both bidding on the same contract?
Whoever had the first interaction with the client will take the lead.
Will I be the only person in my area you work with?
Yes. Areas are predetermined based on the number of businesses. A large metropolitan area may have several areas. Once you choose an area, we will only work with you in that area.
Will I need to hire people right away?
Not usually, unless you are setting up an office with marketing staff. It will take 30-60 days to have your first contract on the books. From that point, you can decide if you are doing the work yourself or hiring employees.
**Due to the high response that we’ve had from this program there is currently a 2-3 week waiting period before we can start marketing for you**

Let’s talk and see if working together would be a good fit. Scott Gibbens – Founder