While the majority of commercial cleaning services take place after hours, you may need to provide daytime cleaning as well. Large buildings often require that you have a day porter on site to maintain common areas & restrooms throughout the day. Your day porter will also be on call to clean up any spills or messes that occur in the building.

It takes a well-rounded person to provide day porter cleaning. When you are cleaning around people, there are many things to consider. If your day porter socializes too much, the daily scope of service will not get completed. If your day porter is anti-social, it may give a bad impression of your company.

Normal Day Porter Duties:

  • Check and maintain all restrooms on a rotating basis
  • Spot clean entrance glass doors
  • Pick up debris outside the entrance areas
  • Clean outside smoking areas
  • Clean cafeterias & break areas between shifts
  • Clean common areas
  • Be on call for spills and extra trash removal

Things to Consider:

You must have a clear written policy for your employees, and their behavior around your client’s employees. There are certain subjects that should never be discussed when providing a service. An HR firm can help you with this.

It’s important to have a solid procedure for backup if your day porter cannot report to work. The ideal solution for us has been one of the night staff that knows the building and does not work during the day.

Your day porter should have their own cleaning cart and supplies that the night crew does not use. The night crew should have a clear understanding of the scope of service your day porter provides. You may experience petty arguments between day/night shift over who does what and is it getting done.

If your night crew misses something, your day porter may be asked to take care of it. Be sure that you or your manager is informed of this so it can be addressed with the night staff. Pulling your day porter off the normal schedule to take care of the night crews mistakes can be a problem.

Be sure to have a dress code for your day porter and provide them with company shirts to wear. Your day porter must be clean cut and presentable.

We provide cell phones for our day porters to carry so that our clients can reach them directly. Be sure to have a policy in place regarding the phone and proper use. Never let the day porter give your client their own personal number.