Stop worrying about growing your business. We will grow it for you!

A complete turnkey system to generate and sign residential cleaning customers.

Whether you’re just getting started or have been in for years, we can help!

Not having to worry about finding & scheduling leads is a huge relief! The lead & scheduling system takes care of both!

The Sunshine Cleaning Group

Ellenton, FL

For new cleaning business:

If you are new or just getting started, our Five Week Fast Start Program is the perfect solution.

Includes a fast start guide, 20 business training videos, and weekly telephone coaching to jump-start your business.

Additional services to help you grow are available as well.

For established cleaning businesses:

Virtual Scheduling Center

Missed calls are missed opportunities. Let us answer your phone and schedule your jobs for you.

We get it. You’re busy running your business and it’s hard to stop and answer your phone. Maybe you’ve tried using third party leads only to discover that you cannot get back to them quickly enough.

We have the solution! Forward your business line to our call center and we will do the rest. We are in the cleaning business so our reps know exactly how to handle your home cleaning inquires & third party leads.

Your callers will hear a custom greeting with your business name. Within seconds they will be transferred to a professional calling rep in our Syracuse, NY support center.

We can also provide an instant response to your third-party leads from Home Advisor, Thumbtack, Angie’s List, or your website.

All jobs/estimates will be scheduled based on your instructions.


$10 per day to answer your phone & schedule jobs/estimates.

$5 for each lead that we handle (someone interested in your service).

$5 for each appointment that we set (a scheduled job or in person estimate).

Minimum of 4 days per week required.


22 days  @ $10 = $220 per month

3 leads per day, 66 leads/Mo. =$330 per month

1 scheduled appointment per day, 22 apts. = $110 per month

Total $660 per month.

This does not include your own cost for third-party lead services. We recommend a minimum budget of $150/week for third-party leads.

What would it cost to have your own office & staff?

Office Rent $700 per month

Phones/Internet $300 per month

One phone rep 35 hours a week $2,558 per month

Total $3,558 per month!

Common Questions:

Q. Do I have to forward my main business line?

A. No. We can provide a local number for you to use for your third-party leads or website. If you want to forward your main phone line, we can take a message or transfer calls that are not related to new client scheduling.

Q. Do I have to forward my calls every day?

A. No. We do ask for a minimum of 4 days per week.

Q. How will you get my third party leads?

A. You would need to provide us your login information to the service you’re using.

Q. What if someone calls before or after hours?

A. An automatic greeting will inform the caller that the office is closed. It can provide an after-hours/mobile number to call if you want.

Q. Can your reps perform other tasks like customer service, schedule changes, quality control, etc?

A. This would not be included in our regular service. We may consider offering it for an additional fee.