picture of bench with fall leavesI love the fall here in upstate NY where I have lived my entire life. We spend most of our weekends at our cottage about 40 minutes from home, a little town called Fair Haven, NY. We bought this place 9 years ago and we absolutely love it!

We love to share it with others as well and in the summer it’s available to vacationers as a weekly rental. As I was out walking today, I could see signs of the changing season.

Leaves were starting to turn, the smell of an outdoor fire pit and the quietness that happens here after all the vacationers leave.

I love the change of season, even though the winters can be tough here we still have several weeks of beautiful fall weather to enjoy. This is also one of the best times to sign up new business.

The summer doldrums have passed, vacations are over and people are back to work in full force. This past summer was a bit slow from a marketing perspective, it happens almost every year. But it gives us a chance to regroup and get ready for one last marketing blast to end the year.

Life and business have seasons as well, like nature they are often unpredictable and can change quickly without much notice.

But there are some things that stay consistent. In nature spring always follows winter. In life, you may go through ‘winter’ type seasons, where things are dark, cold and dreary.

It will pass, it always does. In business, it’s the same way. After every expansion, there is usually a contraction. After every economic boom, there is typically a ‘correction’ or recession. The trick is to be prepared as much as possible.

If we know that the summer months can be slow maybe we need to work even harder on our prospecting efforts. If things are booming then maybe we need to set aside extra money for when things slow down.

When life is good, the ‘summer’ of your seasons, it’s important to fully enjoy every minute and count your blessings. I’ve heard it said that with life you are either in a storm, just coming out of one, far from one, or ready to head into another.

It’s the same with your cleaning business. Watch out when you think all is well, that’s the time when you can get blindsided with the unexpected. I’m not saying to live in paranoia, I’m suggesting that we stay alert and look for problems before they happen.