Spring Cleaning

image of tulipsI look forward to spring every year. Here in the Syracuse, NY area, our winters can be very extreme, although this winter has been mild. People often associate spring with spring cleaning. Why is that?

I think it’s the whole renewal process in general. Plants coming back to life, birds returning from the south, no more salt and ice melt to deal with. I suppose it’s different for each person depending on their geographical location.

Back to spring cleaning, do you have a spring cleaning program for your commercial cleaning clients? In my 29 years of the commercial cleaning business, I have had two different approaches for this.

One thought is that a commercial cleaning contract should include regular deep cleaning on a regular schedule. Therefore, spring cleaning is not necessary. However, as the business grew I had to change this perspective. Dealing with salt, ice melt and the other messes that winter creates can increase labor cost dramatically during these months.

It’s easy to get behind with some of the ‘deep cleaning’ and in some cases, it does not make sense to schedule it until after winter. Cleaning carpet in the winter months does not seem practical. Same with washing windows. Of course, some clients need it depending on the foot traffic of their facility.

Suggested Spring Cleaning Duties:

  • Deep clean/extract all carpet
  • Top scrub & refinish VCT tile or complete strip/refinish if necessary
  • Wash all office windows in/out
  • Sweep outside entrance areas to remove salt/snow melt
  • Wash entrance area walls


What are some other spring cleaning duties you would recommend for a commercial office building? Please leave a comment below. Remember, if you are looking to start or grow a commercial cleaning business, we can help.

Scott Gibbens

9 Responses to “Spring Cleaning

  • When cleaning windows most people use a form of Windex or ammonia. For the outside of the windows I use Comet. It is non-abrasive yet works well to get all the grime from rain and snow that has covered the window all winter long off. I just sprinkle about a quarter to a half a cup in a two gallon bucket and use a cotton washcloth to wash the windows. Works great!

    • Scott Gibbens
      12 months ago

      Wow! I would have to say this is the first time that I’ve heard of someone using Comet for outside windows. I guess if it’s rinsed thoroughly it would be ok.

  • Thanks for this great article! I would definitely suggest a spring cleaning program for each commercial cleaning contract.

  • Nothing like good ol spring cleaning at the office. Fresh clean air. Fresh smells. And streaky windows. Sometimes nothing at all works. 🙂

  • Hi Scott,
    Interesting piece.
    It certainly makes sense from a business point of view to schedule in certain aspects of deep cleaning after the worst of the weather has passed.

  • Trying to keep the floors super clean in the winter drives me nuts. This is even more true when you have those winter thaws when all of that snow turns to mud and that gets tracked everywhere.

    • Scott Gibbens
      12 months ago

      Hi Nathan – You’re not alone in this struggle, spring is on the way!