Picture of man with question markIf you’re reading this and you want to start a cleaning business, I would like to know what would help you the most?


If you’re not interested in starting a business I would still like your ideas, what would you find most helpful if you were starting a new business?


I have spent over a year developing this website with the goal of connecting with people wanting to start a cleaning service. There are several sections of free information available including:

I have also added regular blog posts with different topics that are related to the cleaning business. When I started my cleaning service in 1988 I was a kid recently out of high school. There was no internet and very few business mentoring programs that I was aware of. Things sure are different today!

If you are starting a new business these days, there is an overload of information available. How do you know what advice to take and what to ignore? So the point of the short blog post is to ask you the question: If you were starting a cleaning service today, what would you want to know?