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This next section will be one of the most enjoyable or painful parts of your business. It really depends on your personality. If you’re a creative person then coming up with letterhead, business cards and a logo will be fun.

If you’re not a creative person I would suggest that you find a friend, associate or independent designer to help you. I consider myself a creative person but I still hired a professional to design my logo. Your logo is very important and you will want to use it on everything to build your brand.


Logo: Your logo should be something related to cleaning, do an internet search for cleaning service logos to get some ideas.

Letterhead: Your letterhead is what you will use when you are preparing an estimate for a building. It will also be used for more formal correspondence so it should be clean, simple and professional. When you’re first getting started you can design your own using Microsoft Word or similar programs. As your business grows you can invest in some professional letterhead.

Slogan: We Don’t Mess Around. That’s our slogan and it’s on most of what we print. It’s short and easy to remember. It implies that we take our business very seriously. That’s what a good slogan does. Try to come up with something that fits your business. A friend of mine came up with ‘we find the cobwebs your spiders can’t even find’. I think it’s cute.

Business Cards: I’ve seen thousands of business cards in my life. For the most part, they are all very similar. The ones I like best are not too busy, they are short and to the point. Your cards should have your business name, logo, your name & title, phone, fax, email, website, address and slogan if you have one.

Website: The days of a do it yourself website are over. You need something that’s fast, clean and mobile friendlyI understand that a professional website can cost thousands. In the early stages a do it yourself site is better than nothing. If you need to do it yourself plan it in stages. Set aside an hour or two each day to work on it. Believe me, it’s very tedious. Getting one picture to look right can take hours. Don’t forget that we can help with your website.

Flyers/Postcards: Hand delivered flyers work well if you are cold calling businesses. If you can budget it a direct mail program with postcards also works very well.


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