Residential Support Service Client Intake Form

We are excited to help bring your cleaning business to the next level! Getting your account set up properly is critical. There are some important things that we will need from you to properly represent your company, a list is provided below.

Phone Line: You can forward your main line to a dedicated phone number that we provide, or you can use the local number that we provide for your advertisements & third-party lead services. This number will be provided once we receive your information.

If you forward your main number to us, any calls not that are not leads will be forwarded to your cell phone or another number that you provide. When you sign a client, you may want to provide them with a direct number to reach you.

Often if we make the first initial contact, the client will capture the number we call from on their caller ID and use it for scheduling changes, quality control, instructions, etc. We cannot assist with these calls and they will be transferred.

After Hours Calls: Your virtual greeting will be programmed to have an off-hours message when we are closed. This message will provide a direct number to reach you in case a client calls to cancel or make changes after normal business hours.

Areas You Serve: Please provide us with any nearby areas that you do not serve.

Third-Party Lead Providers: Please provide us with your username & login for your provider.

Scheduling: A shared calendar will be required. If you are using a CRM that has a calendar, we can use it. Otherwise, a Google calendar works fine.

Please complete the form below, after we receive it, we will schedule a phone call to complete your intake process.