Telemarketing – We Set The Lead and You Close The Deal!

Imagine a steady stream of leads for your cleaning business.

Our friendly telephone reps will contact businesses in your area introducing your company with our proven, low key no pressure approach.

When a company would like to get an estimate we will schedule a time for you or a representative from your company to meet with them.

We charge a flat hourly rate and a one time fee for each qualified lead. Most people will sign 1 out of 5 leads immediately and at least 1 more in the future!

No further commissions are due when you sign an account! We have generated millions of dollars in annual billing for cleaning services across the country including our own.

Screenshot of our dialing system. You will have full access and see all calls, notes & activity.

Regular Pricing:

$39/month for CRM & Database

$35/hour per caller

$35/per appointment set

Requires a minimum commitment of $500 per month.

Our average rep makes 35-40 calls per hour.

It takes 2-3 hours of calling for one appointment.

Average closing rate from five leads:

One immediate and one future.

***We are unable to accept any telemarketing clients until further notice***