Image of question markIs there a best time of year to find cleaning contracts?

Yes, and it’s right around the corner. Summer is winding down, people are squeezing in their last vacation and summer fling. Some kids are back to school already and Labor Day is coming up.

My good friend Dan (AKA Dumpster Dan) sent me an email the other day from a cleaning coach he works with. It was a reminder about the fall season and how it’s historically the best time of the year to talk with facility managers. I have to say that I am glad he sent it.

Business has been slow and I have been busy setting up our new office. I realized that we are perfectly positioned to capitalize on the nine weeks after Labor Day. It’s also the perfect time for people in our Partner Program to locate cleaning contracts with our assistance.

So What Is Your Plan?

Do you have a plan in place to take advantage of this time? Some things that you need to look at right away:

  • Your internet presence- people are going to be looking, will they find you?
  • Your schedule – are you available to meet with potential clients? Do you have time to prospect?
  • Your market- have you defined your market? Do you have a plan to spread the word?
  • Your references – are they ready to vouch for you if needed?
  • Your staff – are you ready to take new contracts with your current group of cleaners?


We have a free course on locating cleaning contracts, if you have not taken it you should check it out. Let’s get ready to end 2018 with a bang!

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