Image of pizza boxesI was going through pictures on my phone today and came across this one. It was taken when I was delivering some pizzas to one of our larger clients.

No, I did not take a part-time gig as a pizza driver (did that when I first started the business), this was a peace offering. Somehow, we really screwed up and I wanted to buy lunch for some of the employees to make up for it.

I’m sure you’re wondering what happened, so here’s the story:

One of my staff members who I really trusted, did not clean the only building that she had with us – for an entire week.

We had agreed to part ways on good terms prior to this, she was starting a new career and did not want to clean anymore.

I thought she was finishing the week, she thought she was done. In hindsight, it was an honest mistake and ultimately my fault.

The building she was responsible for was a small section of a large contract. Why they did not call me the first time she did not show is a mystery, but again, my fault.

Since I trusted her and had worked with her for many years, she was not using our building check-in system to verify job completion. You can imagine my surprise when the client called to say they had not been cleaned all week. It’s not a good feeling.

We had a small crew go over immediately to take care of things and all was well again. But I was still feeling bad about it, so I found out their favorite pizza place and arranged to bring lunch.

That was a hit! They really appreciated the effort and it went a long way in the relationship building process. 

Why am I sharing this?

To help you remember that there is no perfect cleaning service. Mistakes do happen. It’s not the mistake that counts, it’s how you respond to it.

If you have a similar story I would love to hear it. Share it below and don’t forget to check out our updated cleaning programs page.