When a client provides you with a janitorial room or storage closet, we suggest you consider it as a guest would in a house. It’s not yours, it belongs to the client for your use and should be kept neat and orderly.

You would not believe the nasty cleaning rooms I have seen in my travels. The client will occasionally need to see your room, how you keep it is a direct representation of your service.

If you have employees we recommend labor law posters in a visible area. You should also have a list of all cleaning supplies along with MSDS sheets nearby. Of course, you know to always have your bottles labeled, right? Unlabeled bottles (magic marker is not a label) can be a huge liability and is unprofessional.

Keep all of your equipment clean and in good working order. It’s a good idea to have a few extra parts for things that break often – vacuum belts, beater bars, mop buckets/handles and so on.