Image of Scott GibbensMy name is Scott Gibbens. I started my cleaning service in 1988 and it’s still going strong today. I want to share my journey and talk about the need for this service.

I believe there are many people I can help start and grow a cleaning business.

I was first introduced to the world of office cleaning by a friend in the tenth grade. He had a job cleaning a building and they needed help.

I showed up for an interview and they hired me on the spot, I thought that was a bit strange but looking back I get it. It’s hard to find and keep good help and they were in a jam.

I worked hard for them and a few other cleaning services over the next few years. It was interesting watching how the different companies operated.

The owner of one company was always on site, working along with the staff. The building looked good and the client was happy.

The owner of the other company only came around once in a while and was always dressed in a suit. I could not believe the lies the supervisors told him, and since he was never there he would not know the difference.That client was not happy with the service, I tried to just do my job and mind my own business.

Shortly after graduating from high school I was doing some independent cleaning gigs for friends of the family. A woman I knew told me she had 3 commercial cleaning accounts that she did not want anymore.

She explained that if I registered a business and bought insurance, I could have the accounts for myself!

I was so excited to actually own a business at 19 years old. I wish my current self could have sat down with that younger self and had a little talk but I have no regrets. I always did my best with each decision, of course, mistakes were made but that’s part of learning.

Over the years I’ve had the chance to help many small business owners, especially people that want to start a commercial cleaning service. The next phase of my life is doing what I am most passionate about – helping other business owners succeed!

I’m still involved with my own cleaning service in Syracuse, NY but the focus is on helping other people get started.

Thanks for reading and I hope to talk with you soon.