I’ve visited many facilities in my 30 years of the cleaning business, and I’m always shocked at the way some cleaning services maintain their cleaning closets. In almost every building there is a closet or room for the cleaning service to keep their supplies & equipment. During my walkthrough with the potential client, they always show me the cleaning closet. If the closet is a mess, the building is usually in bad shape as well.

Your cleaning closet is a reflection of your company and should be kept neat and in order. There will be times when your client or another vendor will need access to your cleaning closet. Make sure that it is presentable at all times. Your employees will also appreciate having a neat and orderly place to start their shift.

The Ideal Area:

  • Shelves are clean and neatly organized
  • Cleaning solutions are properly labeled with MSDS sheets nearby
  • No personal items or pictures
  • All equipment is clean and in good working order
  • Extra equipment and replacement parts for vacuums etc
  • A small toolbox for fixing and maintaining your equipment
  • Labor law posters on the wall
  • List of all supplies & equipment that you use
  • List of all paper products the client uses
  • If your client allows the room to be locked then make sure it is secured at all times. We suggest a combination lock with a code that can be changed as needed. Be sure to provide the code for your client.

Whenever we start a new commercial cleaning contract, we always spend some extra time to clean, organize and stock the janitorial closet. It’s worth the effort to start on the right track and it will impress your client if they see the area.